Why is my recovery code invalid / broken?

If your recovery code doesn't work, it is likely due to a (now-resolved) bug.

When was your account created? If you don’t remember, check your inbox for the welcome email from Stellar.org or for the recovery code email.


Before August 3rd, 2014: Your recovery code may have been corrupted due to a now-resolved bug.

Before August 3rd, 2014: Your recovery code may never have been activated. Even if you successfully opted into a recovery code and received the recovery code email, you needed to complete one more step to activate the recovery code. After the first few days of signups, we changed this process to make it easier.

Between August 3rd and October 31, 2014: Your recovery code may have been corrupted due to a now-resolved bug.

If you upgraded to account V2 before January 13, 2015: Your recovery code may have been corrupted. If your code was affected, there was a message in the client to reset your recovery code.


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