My two-factor authentication isn’t working

There are several reasons why your two-factor authentication (2FA) might not work. Please check each of these to see which might be affecting your account.

1. A slow browser

Slow browsers may cause your 2FA code to expire before the the browser submits the 2FA data to the wallet server. If you are having intermittent success and failure logging in with 2FA, it may be the result of a slow browser.

What to do:

Consider using Chrome or Mozilla, and keep your browser version up-to-date. “Developer” versions of these browsers may perform more slowly than the general releases.

2. Time set on your phone doesn’t match your computer’s time

If the time on your phone is not set correctly, 2FA codes will be incorrect.

What to do:

If the failure message reads, “Your computer's time is off by n seconds. Computed TOTP codes are probably incorrect,” you can follow device manufacturer guidelines to reset the time on your phone.

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