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Having trouble with your account? Start here:

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Trouble with login?

Make sure that you:

  1. Are on or, not a phishing site
  2. Enter your username, not your email (if on
  3. Are entering the correct password (if on

Other Issues

1. Check the "known issues" section and see if your problem is listed there. Read up on any known workarounds for these issues, if there are any.

2. Use the search bar to look for relevant articles, and scan the FAQ's. Chances are, your question is something we've already answered!

3. If there's no information on your particular issue, try to reproduce the error. For instance, if you're having trouble connecting to the server (ie, your screen continually displays "sending" or "connecting," try a few more times. If you continue to have trouble, take a screenshot for future reference.

4. Try using a different browser to see if that makes a difference. For instance, if you're on Firefox, try switching to Chrome.

5. If you've tried steps 4-5 and still can't figure out your issue, please submit a bug report.

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  • Avatar

    Now Yo claim stellar by invete stellar

  • Avatar

    Please help me
    Lost of funds
    Operation id: 64164500709851137

  • Avatar
    Dragomir Janjic

    I sent my lumens to a wrong adress. Are my lumens gone forever??? :(

    Thanky you for your anwser!!!

  • Avatar
    Jamal Mahfuz Hamdiyah Kamil

    i have account stellar and i can login with my username and password but i forget my email because long time not sign in to stellar account


  • Avatar
    Jafran J S

    Yes please i forget my email too.

  • Avatar
    Stephen Weller

    Opening an account on Stellar Term and generated the Key Pair. In order to activate the account I was requested to send one Lumens. I sent the required minimum Lumens from Coinspot (20) to my ID address, the transaction completed.When I open my Account Viewer with my Secret Key the message received is the balance in the account is zero and I need to send Lumens to the public key ID address which is what I did and it is now several hours since I sent the Lumens from Coinspot. Can you advise how I can resolve this issue.

  • Avatar
    Stephen Weller

    As well the message also says the public key ID address does not exist on the Stellar Network and that I should send Lumens.The reason for my opening this account in Stellar is to participate in the Mobius ICO Public Sale which opens on 18 January.

  • Avatar
    Daniel T McGuire

    Sent XLM from Binance to my Stellar Desktop Wallet 18 hours ago and has not shown up. The transaction shows as complete on Binance and the StellarChain. My wallet balance remains zero. Never had this problem with Stellar before.....its always been fast, easy, and relaible. Please any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

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