Stargazer Wallet Tutorial

Stargazer is a great wallet if you are new to crypto. Easily create a new account or import an existing account to get started.

Difficulty level: Easy

Platforms: Android, Mac, Windows, Linux

Main features of this wallet:

  • Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Assets
  • Federated Addresses
  • Create/receive multi-sig/multi-party
  • Signing requests


Wallet setup:

  1. Go to and select your platform
  2. Download the wallet for your chosen platform
  3. Launch the Stargazer application
  4. On the left-hand-side, click the “[+]” button to add an account
    1. You have the option to create a personal account, shared account or import an existing account
    2. If you are importing an existing account, simply click and name the account and import your “Account Seed”, which is your secret key beginning with an upper-case “S”
    3. The advanced options will allow you to select whether it is a public or testnet account


Sending lumens (XLM):

  1. Click the “send” button and input recipient's address
  2. Select the asset type and amount you will be sending
    1. If sending to a destination, such as an exchange that requires a Memo, select the “Show advanced options” bar and select the required memo type
  3. Click send. Your recipient should receive their lumens or other asset almost instantly


Receiving lumens (XLM)

  1. Click the “receive” button
    1. This will reveal a QR code, your public key, and your federated name to provide the sender
    2. Simply click in the box and it will automatically copy your information
  2. If you would like to request a specific amount, click the button and input the amount, memo type (if any), and click the "generate QR code" button


Global Settings:

Underneath your account on the left-hand-side you will see a settings button. This part of the wallet will allow you to:

  • Select language
  • Review and add contacts
  • Contact the wallet creator by selecting the “About” link


Account Settings:

In the upper-right-hand-side of the wallet you will see this symbol -> ⚙. This will get you to your account settings where you will be able to:

  • Change your account name
  • Create a Federated name (this makes it easy to request or send funds by creating an easy to remember username such as brian* instead of providing a Stellar address.
    • No need to write in the “*” part - just write the desired username and click save
  • Create trustlines
  • Password protect your account
    • Important: It is impossible to recover your password if you lose it. Make sure you write it down!
  • Access advanced features

 Within your account settings, use the “Advanced tab” to:

  • Assign the inflation destination
  • Export your account
    • Currently this just shows a QR code. Scanning the QR code is currently the only way to retrieve/reveal your secret key
  • Delete your account


Pro Tips:

  • Always password protect your account.
  • Use a federated name. This makes sending easy for the sender but requires them to have this feature in their wallet
  • Write down or save your secret key somewhere safe like a password manager
  • To export your key, if you have password enabled, you need to remove the password before you can scan it and extract the key properly
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