Getting Started: Using the Stellar Account Viewer

The Stellar Account Viewer is an easy-to-use lightweight client to send and receive lumens over the Stellar network.

Use the Account Viewer to:

  • Generate a key pair for a new account
  • Login using your secret key
  • View balance
  • Send/receive lumens


To set up a Stellar account:

  1. Go to:!/
  2. Click "generate key pair"
    1. Your secret key is the one that starts with an uppercase “S” (never share this with anyone).
    2. Your public key is the one that starts with an uppercase “G”. When you or someone else sends lumens to your account, this is the key that you will use or provide them.
  3. Securely store your secret key either by printing it out, writing it down or keeping it in a password manager such as LastPass.
    1. IMPORTANT: If you lose your secret key there is no way to recover it and your lumens will be lost.


To activate your account:

  1. You must have at least 20 lumens in your account for it to be activated!
    1. Make sure you factor in the 0.00001 lumen transaction fee. To make things easy, send at least 21 lumens to the account.


Sending lumens:

  1. Once your account is activated, sign in by inputting your secret key
  2. In the “To” field, input the public key (starting with the uppercase “G”) of the account you are sending lumens
  3. Input the amount you are sending
  4. If sending to an exchange, a memo is necessary. Click “add memo”!
    1. Different exchanges require different types of memos! The exchange should indicate to you what type of memo you need to select (Memo_Text, Memo_ID, Memo_Hash, or Memo_Return)
  5. Click send!


Important notes:

  • If you are sending lumens to an exchange, do not forget the memo or your lumens will not arrive in your account
  • The Stellar Account Viewer does not store your secret key in any database. If you lose it there is no way to recover
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