Sending lumens (XLM) to Poloniex

Below is a step-by-step guide to sending lumens from your Stellar wallet or Account Viewer to Poloniex:

Sending lumens to Poloniex

  1. Login to
  2. In the navigation bar on top, go to "Balances" and select in "Deposits/Withdrawals"
  3. Once you see the list of coins, search for STR - Stellar
    1. Please note: STR and XLM are the same. STR is what lumens (XLM) were formerly called. 
  4. Click "Deposit"
    1. This will provide you with public key (starting with "G") and a memo ID
  5. Open and login to your Stellar wallet or the account viewer
  6. Go to area of wallet to "send lumens" (location of "send" will vary depending on wallet)
  7. Copy the Stellar address given to you by Poloniex and input into the "To" field of your wallet
  8. Copy the Memo ID given to you by Poloniex and input into the memo field (sometimes this is hidden depending on the wallet)
    1. Make sure you enter the Memo ID or your lumens will not arrive!
  9. Click send. Please note there can be delays in deposits to Poloniex

Withdraw lumens from Poloniex:

If you are withdrawing to a lumens wallet from Poloniex (not an exchange)

  1. Click "withdraw" on the same page as the deposit page. 
  2. Input your public key
  3. Leave memo field blank
  4. Once you've confirmed the address, click "withdraw"
    1. You will receive an email to confirm the withdrawal
  5. Confirm withdrawal!
    1. It may take a few minutes for your lumens to arrive in Poloniex


  • Before sending any large quantity of lumens, perform a test. This is a good safety measure and worth the 0.00001 transaction fee
  • If you do not include the Memo (Memo ID) your lumens will not arrive in your account. Should you forget to do this, please contact Kraken although this might result in loss of funds
  • If your deposit would leave less than 20 XLM in your account, you will receive an error message. Please account for the 0.0001 transaction fee (eg if you have 100 and try to send 80 that would leave you with 19.9999.)
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