Sending lumens (XLM) to Bittrex

Below is a step-by-step guide to sending lumens from your Stellar wallet or Account Viewer to Bittrex:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Wallets and search for "XLM"
  3. Click the "+" button to view the public key and memo
  4. Open your Stellar wallet
    1. Click the "send button" or equivalent
    2. Input the public key Bittrex provided (starting with "G") in the send field
    3. Input the Memo into the memo field (sometimes this is hidden depending on the wallet)
      1. IMPORTANT: Select "Memo Text"
    4. Click Send
  5. Lumens should arrive in your Bittrex account within a minute

Withdrawal: If you are withdrawing to a lumens wallet from Bittrex (not an exchange), leave memo text field blank unless your wallet specifies otherwise. You will need to confirm the withdrawal via an email you will receive from Bittrex. 



  • Before sending any large quantity of lumens, perform a test. This is a good safety measure and worth the 0.00001 transaction fee
  • If you do not include the Memo (Memo Text in the case of Bittrex) your lumens will not arrive in your account. Should you forget to do this, please contact Bittrex although this might result in loss of funds
  • If your deposit would leave less than 20 XLM in your account, you will receive an error message. Please account for the 0.0001 transaction fee (eg if you have 100 and try to send 80 that would leave you with 19.9999.)


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