I have BTC stored on paper wallets. Can I claim lumens with paper wallets?

Yes, but you need to import your private key temporarily to the computer to generate a signature. For maximum security make sure you import it to a fresh, offline machine.

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    Hi could you please let me know how to generate a signature from a bitaddress.org paper wallet? I've tried searching online but still can't find the answer..

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    Hello -- I too have a paper wallet from bitaddress.org and the only answer I found to support signing was using a different kind of wallet, so I just sent all my BTC to a software wallet. Now, I see that you are basing this on snapshot as of June 26, so even that won't work. I guess it actually doesn't matter where my BTC is at this moment. I would also like to know the procedure you allude to in your answer to generate a signature from a paper wallet.

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    Astrid Swanson

    Hi, I also have a bitaddress paper wallet. Is the signature requested to claim lumens the same thing as the pass phrase I have for my paper wallet?

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    Giovanni Piras

    I did not understand, I would like to generate my wallet paper for stallar lumen xlm, how can I do and what should I use?

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